Eligibility requirements


Citizen of Malaysia


Mother of a Sarawak MyKad with ‘K’ status or wife of a Sarawakian MyKad with ‘K’ status


Giving birth in Sarawak or outside Sarawak


Registration begins at the gestational age of 22 weeks up to 3 months after delivery

Documents Required

Copies of required document needed for application


Copy of applicant's MyKad (front & back)


Copy of husband/ guardian's MyKad (front & back)


Copy of marriage certificate if the applicant does not have 'K' status


Copy of maternal health record (front page)


Copy of front page of account book/ statement of account


Copy of discharge note/ baby's birth certificate

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Post-Natal Assistance (BIB) is an initiative by the Sarawak State Government with a grant of RM450.00 to each mother who gives birth to a child born in Sarawak to help the mother's needs such as healthy foods and personal care during the confinement period, starting in 2020 regardless of race, religion or socio-economic status.

The eligibility requirements are as follow:

  1. Citizen of Malaysia
  2. Mother of a MyKad with ‘K’ status or wife of a MyKad with ‘K’ status (Sarawak Connection)
  3. Giving birth to a baby in or outside Sarawak; and
  4. The gestational age has reached 22 weeks and above.

(i) Copy of Applicant's MyKad/Passport (Front and Back);

(ii) Copy of MyKad/Passport of Husband/Guardian (Front and Back);

(iii) Copy of Marriage Certificate If the Applicant Does Not Have ‘K’ Status;

(iv) Copy of Maternal Health Book (Front Cover);

(v) Copy of Applicant's Bank Account Statement;

(vi) In addition to Doctor's Confirmation / Discharge Note / Baby's Birth Certificate.

(Note: All copies of documents must be certified by a Government Officer Grade 41 and above /Tribal Leader /Community Leader).

BIB application can be made online and manually as follow:

(i) Online
The online application can be made through iSarawakCare web application (https://isarawakcare.sarawak.gov.my/apply-now/)

(ii) Manual
Applications can be made at any Divisional/District Social Welfare Office, District Office, National Registration Department branch in Sarawak or Early Childhood Development Division, KPWK (Kuching only).

You can apply for Post-Natal Assistance (BIB) every time you give birth with the condition that you must apply within 3 months after giving birth.

At least 14 working days subject to the completion of documents sent to KPWK.

You are still eligible to apply for BIB provided that the application is made within 3 months after you have given birth.

Applicants are eligible for Post-Natal Assistance (BIB) if the gestational age has reached 22 weeks and above and has confirmation from a medical officer.

Not eligible because your content age does not reach 22 weeks and above.

Applicants must apply to the Permanent Secretary, KPWK to get permission to use their husband's or guardian's account for the credit of Post-Natal Assistance (BIB).

Please contact +6082-442050 (Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.30 pm) or email to bib@sarawak.gov.my

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